A Rubbish Post

The weekly garbage day entails putting your filled, pre-paid garbage bags (purchased at the grocery store) on the kerbside. They will only collect rubbish that is in these bags.

These are not all mine!

Every second week, we also put our recycling out. They collect glass/plastic/tin and paper/cardboard. It's a neat little system and it works very well.

These are the glass/plastic/tin bins. Again - these are not all mine!

Then annually, we get notification of our Inorganic Collection week which is when you get to put out any item that is not hazardous, cannot be recycled or is too big for the weekly rubbish collection. So, you'll see a lot of old sofas, fridges, televisions, chairs and old basketball hoops lying on the kerb during this time. The good stuff doesn't hang around long enough for the official collection trucks, however! Many people come around with their own trucks and load up anything they feel is something they might need or want! At least if your unwanted items can find a home with somebody else, it means that there's a little less rubbish going to the landfills. I think it's a great system - everybody seems to win.

A real mess - thank goodness it's only there for a week!


  1. so the mess is all yours??....

  2. Nah! The stuff that we put out was taken away before the official truck came around. That mess belongs to all of our neighbours!


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