Skiing, Take Two

Hey, so I never did tell you that we went back down to Ohakune the weekend before the kids went back to school. No flies on us!

After experiencing bad weather the weekend before, (and cutting our trip short), we were really keen to get some more skiing in before the season closed. So we checked the weather forecast, saw that it was going to be good and hopped in the car. And the weather was perfect. Sunny and no wind. Just perfect.

And yes, I'm still loving it! You should have seen me! I was whizzing down that slope at the speed of light. Not so much because I am a great skier. No. Mostly because I haven't quite mastered the art of snow ploughing yet. And believe me, I was trying. Really hard. But it's a slippery slope, my friends. A slippery slope. And snow ploughing? Easier said than done.

I have to say though, that I seriously impressed myself this time. I didn't fall off that pommel ski lift once! Not once! And I kicked butt on the slopes too - I managed to keep my balance and almost look like I knew what I was doing - in spite of those voices in my head chanting "OMG! OMG! OMG!". Mostly.

But the thing is, if my fellow skiers knew what a danger I actually was to them on those slopes, they would have steered clear of me at all times. I mean I was out-of-control fast, you guys. Thank goodness I knew how to turn so that I could dodge all those unsuspecting souls in front of me. And thank goodness they couldn't hear those voices in my head that were often screaming "F * * * *% #!" as I whooshed past them. I must tell you, I did a fair bit of laughing on those slopes. I thought at the time that I was laughing out of absolute joy, delight and happiness, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that it was probably just nervousness; and possibly even sheer terror. I'll never be sure. But man, I love the adrenalin. And I'm chuffed to have found out that I'm not a woos! I can fling myself down a mountain slope with the best of them. 

Here's me looking slightly exhausted after a day on the slopes. Shoo. At that point I didn't know how stiff I was going to feel the next day. Sore knees? No, it was the old hips. And the arms, for some reason. Meh. It was so worth it!


  1. YAY - If the bug has bitten maybe we can meet you somewhere for a ski holiday sometime soon! Love the colour of you eyes with that beanie on x

  2. Aw, thanks! And, absolutely! :)


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