The Christmas Tree

When we lived in South Africa, there was a public holiday the day after Sarah's birthday and that was the day we put our tree up. That way we got to celebrate her birthday properly and sufficiently before we put on our Christmas hats and got into the Christmas spirit. 

This year we put our tree up on the 1st of December! Sarah was happy to forgo our usual arrangement so that we could have a longer Christmas festive season. 

And the kids had a great evening decorating the tree - it's always a magical time when they're reacquainted with those boxes of decorations. One of my Christmas traditions is to buy a new tree decoration for each child every year - so we've collected some special pieces over the years and it's always great to be able to look at them and see our family Christmas 'history'. This year I went with some gingerbread girls, and a nutcracker for Luke.

Happy Christmas! xo

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