Coast to Coast Walk

THIS is the reason why I was so exhausted this past weekend. 

I had kindly signed up as a parent helper on the Coast to Coast Walk school outing with the Year 5s last Friday because ➀ I'm such a selfless and helpful mother (!) and ➁ I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to get to see some Auckland sights en route (being a new immigrant and all)! I don't know that I was thinking very clearly when I signed up though, because I honestly thought that walking 16 kilometres would be a breeze! And while 16kms  doesn't sound like very much, it really is when you aren't very fit and haven't walked any great distance in a very long time. Just ask my calves.

Anyway, I had faith in my old body and off we went. And it really was a fantastic outing - we got to see many lovely sights along the way, we walked through Cornwall Park (a park I've been wanting to visit for ages), we saw One Tree Hill (sans the famous tree), we learnt all sorts of interesting stuff from the well-informed teachers and by the end of the day we'd walked from one coast (we started in Onehunga) all the way to the other coast (we ended at the viaduct in the city) of Auckland! How brilliant is that?

Well, it felt like a huge achievement when we eventually got to the viaduct, but later that evening it felt more like I'd been run over by a train. Which had been travelling at great speed. Seriously. I haven't felt so exhausted in years. Go ahead, laugh all you want. I-was-shattered! Sarah was also tired, but she took it all in her stride. She even got up early the next morning and competed in the Auckland Junior Swimming Relay Champs! Me? I got a migraine and got back into bed!

I've now decided that I've really got to get some more exercise. So I've downloaded the C25K application on my iPhone and I plan to start running again! Yeeha!


  1. Well done to both you and Sarah!! You're out running right now?

  2. that sounds fantastic! Well done! So when did your calves turn 80?

  3. Well done Bianca, sounds great xxx

  4. Thanks, sweetie darlings! ^_*


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