New Job

Well it would seem that I've got a new job. But don't get too excited for me. 'Cos I really don't know whether I want it. It's still a work-from-home position and the pay remains the same, but I work oh-so-much harder and I fall into bed every night without having had very much time to myself or any time on my computer during the day. And I really miss you guys! It all seems like a bit of a con!

One day I was doing my usual job - you know: taxi, homework helper, policewoman, cook and general housekeeper, with lots of 'me' time to spend on my Macbook. And the next day? Well, the next day, it was totally different. That day, I heard the words "school holiday" and suddenly the term "entertainer" was added to my job description. I was all "What? You don't want to sit around quietly and read or play some board games while I write my blog?" (Shock and horror.) And they were all "Nah-ah! Take us out places, let's do fun stuff." (So, apparently not.)

And then today I nearly resigned: the endless "can we do this, can we go there" all became a bit demanding. And add the preparations for Sarah's birthday, party and Christmas into the mix and well... shoo! I started missing my old job.

But you know what? To be fair, we are actually having some fun (sleep-ins, lots of time to chat, no lunch box prep and school stress); and seeing that my resignation would almost certainly not be accepted anyway, I'm probably going to have to make the most of this new position.

So, with that in mind, we had a very lazy morning and spent the afternoon at our favourite local beach, on the first day of the holidays. That part of the 'entertainer' job isn't proving to be that bad, I must admit. (And I'm thinking that those beach days are going to be a big part of the entertainment schedule this summer.)

But, it can't all be fun and games. So, the first holiday chore that I've accomplished (which I actually managed to pass off as a fun activity) - was to buy Luke what seems like an entire summer wardrobe in just one day. He was in desperate need of all items of clothing and he is so chuffed that I've eventually bought him new clothes. As it turns out, he could never contemplate the restocking of his wardrobe as a chore. Not when he's getting all this new stuff! But it was something that I needed to get done and now at least the boy will have decent clothes to wear when he is being entertained! 

Besides that, I've also kept the kids entertained like this: the girls and I have started an exercise programme; we've done all the birthday party shopping, ordered the ice-cream cake, cleared out the girls' cupboards of all the clothing that no longer fits them, bought some gorgeous plant pots and flowers for outside the kid's bedrooms (now they have to do the planting and then look after them), Sarah has wrapped the 'pass-the-parcel' gift, filled the piƱata and Jessica has finished all of her Christmas shopping. So we've been hard at work getting things done around here. Busy, busy. (Luckily my kids rate shopping as one of their favourite activities at the moment or we might have a bit of a problem.)

Anyway, once we've got the business side of things done, we can get down to some serious fun these holidays. I might even start enjoying this 'entertainer' part of my job. Who knows? As long as I set up some ground rules about demanding behaviour and possibly plan my days so that I manage to find some 'me' time.

Wish me luck. xo

PS A child has just walked into my study and asked: "So, what are the plans for tomorrow?" Answer: "We're going to P-A-R-T-A-Y!" Tomorrow we celebrate Sarah turning 10!


  1. Strangely enough, I seem to have the same new job. It was fun entertaining the girls while Luke had his shopping trip yesterday, and playing "Spy Spy" with Luke today while the girls were shopping. And we even managed some me time - you had your facial, and I had coffee with my friends this afternoon. This is a cool job. Looking forward to the party tomorrow!

  2. Thanks so much for ALL your help, mom. I REALLY couldn't do it without you! :)

  3. damn, I knew we should have gone to NZ just for the granny factor. I feel quite stranded here flying solo on the entertainer role. Enjoy the hols xxx

  4. Happy Birthday Sarah! Enjoy the holidays, let granny take them to fun places and you carry on blogging. :)


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