School's Out

My mom invited us for dinner at their place last night - to celebrate the end of the school year!

Wow! A whole year. Yesterday and approximately a million years ago, we were getting all the school uniforms together, buying school bags and anticipating the first day of school in New Zealand. Now here we are - a full school year down the line and we're... well, we're... amazed.

It feels a bit like a whirlwind went through and we're now left standing - in a dazed yet happy sense of calm. What just happened there? Well, these kids of mine did a thousand and two activities, enjoyed and endured a long list of new experiences, and grew - physically, mentally and emotionally. It's been quite something to watch it all unfold, really. This growing. This maturing. This learning. To see the doors opening and three curious yet cautious kids stepping through to meet all the challenges on the other side. They're truly amazing. Brave, resilient, strong. And I love them dearly.

Well done, you pioneers. You did it! You have completed your first year in a New Zealand school.

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