Franklin Road, Ponsonby

Okay, this is the last of my Christmas photos, y'all! Promise! Hahahaha!



From the 1st of December every year, the houses in Franklin Road in Ponsonby switch on their Christmas lights. And owing to their huge effort, they're world famous in New Zealand for their lights (well, in Auckland anyway)! 

We heard that it was one of the things to do at Christmas time in Auckland - go and see the lights in Franklin Road! So we went. And how pretty it was.

We joined the many other people taking in the lights and sights one evening, and walked from the bottom of the road, all the way to the top. 

Here's some of what we saw along the way:

This last one is of Sky Tower. It is lit up differently all the time. I took this shot from the passenger seat of our car as we drove home from seeing the lights. Not the best photo, but you get the idea...


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