My List for 2011...

This is what we had for starters on New Year's Eve. Yum!


So anyway, this resolution thing seems to be quite big at the moment. And while I don't normally do these lists, this year I thought I'd jump right in there and be more organized and goal orientated. So, here are my goals for 2011:

1. Do an internet course of sorts.

2. Go to bed by 10 pm every night!

3. Start running again and then do a few 5 km races.

4. Write and publish regular blog posts.

5. Read at least one book every month.

6. Do a boating or sailing course.

7. Start pilates again.

8. Throw a party.

9. Visit 5 new places in New Zealand.

10. Sort out all of my photos on my computer.


11. Enjoy a holiday with friends in a gorgeous place.


Wishing you all a 2011 full of wonder and happiness! Hope you're having fun so far.


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