Things to Do, Places to Go

Last week we headed over the bridge on a little outing to Cornwall Park. We had lunch at the lovely restaurant there and then walked through the park to the Stardome Observatory & Planetarium which is about a 15 minute walk down the hill. It's not a very big planetarium, unfortunately, so it didn't take us very long to walk around and see everything; and then we spent some time in the playground outside where the kids enjoyed a few rides on the flying fox before we headed back up the hill for afternoon tea.

I guess Cornwall Park is Auckland's equivalent of Kirstenbosch in Cape Town; and what it lacks in the majestic mountain backdrop department, it makes up with in fields of sheep!

It's always good to get the kids out walking and enjoying the great outdoors so this was a lovely day out, despite the gusty winds.

At the restaurant enjoying tea and scones. Yum.

Hello, Mom.

We had a good few laughs at the planetarium with this spacesuit cut-out!

It must be the Ophiuchus in her!

At the Planetarium.

Have a lovely week, everyone.



  1. so beautiful. We miss the trees. Perth is very dry but right now with floods and cyclones over east, I am happy to be just that. xx


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