A Visit to the Zoo

I ♥ the Auckland Zoo. This was our second visit to this zoo and both times we've had a wonderful time there. 

Our first visit, however, was a lot more eventful that this last one:

Last summer, in addition to being lucky enough to witness one of the resident tigers playing with a buoy right next to the viewing window (and I mean right there - there was only a thick piece of glass between us and this magnificent creature), catching more of the feeding times and viewing many energetic animals; there was also that little matter of losing Luke...

Desperately excited to see the meerkats in their enclosure, he had hurriedly entered their tunnel and we'd proceeded to walk to the exit to meet him as he came out. Except he didn't materialize. We waited and waited, thinking that he was really enjoying the meerkat experience. Next thing our names were being called on the loud speakers to come and collect a lost boy at the office. WTH?!

When we fetched him, he was all: "I came out of the chihuahua hole and I couldn't see you!" And I was all: "And by chihuahua, you mean meerkat?" Hahahahaha! I can eat that child with a spoon. As it turned out, he exited the same way he'd gone in! And while we were waiting for him on the other side (which he didn't know about), he was being rescued by the friendly zoo staff!

This time around we made very sure that he knew about both the entrance and the exit! Because of course he had to go back and see the chihuahuas!  He absolutely loves them! He even made me buy a soft toy version of one for him, at the zoo shop. (Lucky for him there was a 50% discount on the little creature.)

And he was so chuffed with his new meerkat mate. Immediately after arriving home from the zoo, he introduced the newbie to his old favourite, a soft toy dog called Rufus. And this new meerkat was the flavour of the moment until last night when he announced to me as I was putting him to bed, that I should take the meerkat away because he was "freaky" and causing him "dark nightmares". Well, okey dokey then. The 6 year old mind often works is strange and mysterious ways.

But despite the crazy incidents, it's always a great day out for the kids. And me.



  1. what amazing photos you clever chick! I see granny does not miss a beat! lucky kids!

  2. Thanks, darlin'! :) Love having granny around. ^_*


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