We Joined the Library, 'Cos We're Cool Like That

So last week we joined the library. I'd been threatening to join since we got here a year ago so it's rather shameful that it's taken me this long to get my act together. Anyway, the deed is now done!

And Luke was super-keen to get to that library last week, I've got to say. He loves libraries and taking out books. This new love began last year when he was introduced to his school library. Wow! Every week he'd come home with his books (mostly chapter books) and was so proud of himself. It's such a cute thing to witness. I now look forward to the time when he can actually read these chapter books that he takes out!

Jessica was just as keen to get to that library last week because by then she'd exhausted all the suitable reading matter in our house and was desperate for something to read. Now here's a kid who did not enjoying reading two years ago. Seriously. When she went to the school library she chose joke books and Captain Underpants. And that was on the days when she actually took books out. And while those books would not have been my choices for her, I took solace in the fact that at least she was reading something! In hindsight it looks like my encouragement of her to read and broaden her choice of books has eventually paid off because she is now feverishly catching up on lost time, and her reading matter has become much more varied too. She took 6 books out of the library last week and had finished them all in 3 days! And we're not talking thin books with big writing here either! This turnaround is just amazing - and I'm mostly pleased about it. I say mostly because she ends up reading until the wee hours and then can't get up in the morning! But if that's the price to pay for having an avid reader, then I guess I have to suck it up! (During the school holidays anyway.)

And then there's Sarah, who, it's got to be said, was not overly keen to take that trip to the library. She's at that stage where swimming, going to the beach, listening to music and watching tv far outweigh the call of a book. However, I am persevering with my mission to get all of my children to enjoy reading. This time around, I'm not as concerned about the outcome as I was when I went down this road with Jessica, though. Previous experience has shown me that continued encouragement can pay off in the end. So, we wait.

And it certainly does help that our local library is great. I'm loving their website where one can look for, request and even renew a book online. No more excuses for incurring fines for overdue books!

NY's resolution update: I'm reading my second book already and it's only the 18th of January! Woot! Woot!

So... has anyone got any book recommendations for me? If you do, please could you leave a comment for me below... I'd really appreciate that! ♥

Anyway, happy reading, you guys!



  1. just read and loved The Glass Room by Simon Mawer. Also missing my book club so need recommendations too. happy reading!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! :) I've put it on my list. I recently finished House Rules by Jodi Picoult and quite enjoyed that one. And I got Mister Pip (Lloyd Jones) out of the library today. Will read that one after I've finished The Family by Martina Cole which I'm not enjoying too much.xo


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