My Weekly 5

This week it's all about world maps! It must be the adventurer in me that attracts me to rooms with big maps on the walls. There's just something so visually exciting about looking at all the places in the world like that and getting the instant confirmation that we're part of a global community.

Here are my picks for this week:

Bolig Liv
Image via Kristian Septimius Krogh via Kool and Kreativ.


Image via Remodelista.

Child’s Room with Map

I was so inspired by this picture a couple of years ago that I pretty much copied it for Luke's bedroom in our home back in South Africa! Now looking back, I sorely miss all that wonderful storage!


Above two images via Remodelista.

Via Etsy.

New Zealand might be at the bottom, far right of the world (so to speak), but wherever you live is the centre of your world, I guess.

When we lived in South Africa, I felt quite centrally placed in the world, yet rather isolated as a country. Living in New Zealand now, I feel physically isolated, however, much more part of the world. Funny how things often seem.

Anyway, that's the Weekly 5 for this week. See you next time!



  1. I have always been big on maps and these have given me some inspiration for our new home. I always have a big one in the guest loo! x

  2. Maps like that give you an idea for your next trip ~ blindfold yourself and throw a dart and see where it lands! ;))


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