My Weekly 5

These are some of the cool things I came across this week:

How darling are these little outfits? I'd totally wear the adult versions of these!


This artist's work blows me away. Go and check out his website. The above picture illustrates how art can uplift the look of a ghetto. Amazing.

And how very, very clever is this? Huh? Wow!

Here's a cool idea for keeping track of your family tree...

And OMW, how true is this?

That's my Weekly 5 for this week. See you again next time!



  1. Kiddies clothing is just too cute! I like the idea of the slide - great idea for double story house!

  2. your weekly five has inspired me. I have ordered a world map wallpaper for Hugo's room. It is being shipped from the US, will let you know how it turns out!

  3. Amanda, that is so amazing - please post a photo when you've put it up - I'd love to see the end result. :) How wonderful! xo


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