Happy Birthday, Mom!

I'm dedicating this post to you because...

It's your birthday! Happy Birthday, you gorgeous 'girl'!

And do you know why you're so very special to me? 'Cos:

1. You're a kind, generous and loving person.

2. You're always there for me.

3. You'd do anything for me.

4. You cook a delicious roast pork.

5. You are 'bloody gorgeous'!

6. You laugh at my jokes and think I'm funny. And you've got a cute laugh.

7. You bake yummy things.

8. You love my children. And my husband.

9. You call to tell me about any sales.

10. You look after Bailey.

11. You sew for me when I am desperate.

12. You take my washing off the line and fold it when I'm out fetching kids.

13. You unpack my dishwasher and clean up the kitchen... when I'm out fetching kids.

14. You're positive and have a great attitude to life.

15. You dance like a pro.

16. You like the same wine, champagne and cocktails as me.

17. You're always keen to go out and have some fun.

18. You look so cute when you play that song on the piano. You know the one.

19. You're my facebook friend.

20. And you love me.

Aaawwwww!  And guess what? I love you too!

Have a wonderful day.


PS I hope you get a new computer for your birthday. Hahaha!

PPS I've not bovvered!


  1. Thank you for all those wonderful words, and now the tears are running down my newly made-up face.
    Love you lots!!!!! xxxxx

  2. Bianca, this is so wonderful! and yes, your mom is wonderful and I miss her to not have 'halwe wafel' Lovely photos!! And she still sews? wow! And she does have a cute laugh - I laugh because she's laughing!

  3. Thanks, Valentina. :) You're a wonderful friend to my mom. xo


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