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On Friday afternoon we left Auckland for a weekend in the Coromandel.

To stay in a house on the beach!

Then the news came in about the huge earthquake off Japan. And the subsequent tsunami.

Shoo! To say that I was slightly nervous about the tsunami warning for New Zealand, and the fact that we were staying in a house ON the beach, is an understatement. 

But despite that, we carried on with life as usual.

*confused face and accompanied shrug*

As one does.


I'm embarrassed to admit that it did cross my mind to perhaps gather all our important material things in one spot so that we could grab the kids, our important material stuff (?!) and make a mad dash, if necessary. But it was merely a thought.


And I managed to get to sleep that night, despite my concerns; all the while thinking that we are living in some crazy times. We woke up to a beautiful day on Saturday. And I mean beautiful. A beach day, no less.

A little later we heard that the chances of a tsunami wave coming was very slim;  the main concern was that the sea currents could be affected.

There were definite surges that came through periodically. But nothing that I've never seen before. And certainly nothing life threatening.

And we all enjoyed a gorgeous beach day - probably the last of the beautiful summer weather because there are now sure signs of autumn in the air. 


But seriously, what is happening to our beautiful world? What's with all these natural disasters?

If anything, all these global tragedies have confirmed to me what's important in life. People. Certainly not 'important material things'.


My love and thoughts go out to Japan now. May the world's love, concern, kindness, physical and monetary help, go a long way in helping to heal your wounds. 

Take care, everyone.


PS This is my personal experience of the weekend in light of the Japanese tragedy and I certainly don't mean to trivialize the events by detailing my personal life. Indeed I feel rather guilty about continuing with life as usual, when people in Japan are going through such unthinkable mayhem.

My mind is full of conflicting thoughts and fears at this time. Please know that I feel deeply for the human loss and suffering, and also quite helpless. I guess we all do what we can to help; and continue our own journeys in this thing called life.

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