Mr Mischievous

I'm asleep.

Just kidding.

Fun and games, y'all.


And some shouting. (By me. Yes. It's been known to happen.)

And time outs.

But also...

Lots of hugs.

Many kisses.

Bucket loads of cute laughter.

And heartwarming love.

This little guy is growing up so fast. I don't know how, really, because he hardly eats anything substantial. He tends to graze and snack. And he'd live on lollies (sweets) if I'd let him.

But it's busy times - he still plays endlessly with his Ben 10/Spiderman/Star Wars toys, enjoys winning at Beyblades, loves playing cricket, has started playing tennis, does four hours of gymnastics a week (!) and is developing into a good little swimmer. Can you tell that I'm keeping him busy?

And he loves school. His reading is coming along nicely, his writing is very cute and he's just started doing Mathletics which he absolutely adores.

And after that quick little update, I must dash, because the boy seems to have misplaced a pair of his school shorts and I'm hoping that they've picked it up at gymnastics - gotta make a call and check. See you soon.



  1. Got to love that little boy!! xxx

  2. I can't get over how his face has changed! So big, so quick!! He looks just like Grant - poor little bugger!! lol xxx enjoy your only boy!


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