Omaha Weekend

Along the beach walkway.

At Matakana market.

When my dad and Anne were here in February, we spent a weekend up in Omaha. 'Cos it's just so gorgeous up there. And we were going to that concert in Matakana, which is very close by. 

We hired a lovely house just across the road from some friends of ours whose kids are at school with our kids. Subsequently we didn't see much of Luke that weekend because it's obviously MUCH more exciting to spend time with a friend than with us. Duh! Nah, jokes aside, it was brilliant that the kids could come and go with ease and have so much fun together.

We all had a very relaxing weekend - lying on the beach, swimming, walking along the beach walkways, going to the market, eating fish and chatting. Grant, Jessica and my dad went fishing one day and caught a bucket full of fish. Exciting stuff. Jess even pulled in two! And she was very chuffed with herself.

And other than that, we simply enjoyed our time together - it really was so wonderful to get to enjoy my dad and Anne's company again. I'm missing them now that they're back in South Africa.


PS Hope you're all having a fun weekend. Grant has taken Luke off to a party and Sarah went along for the ride, so Jess and I are having a quiet morning together. 

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