Ooh, A Girl Can Dream

Oh my giddy aunt!


I think I've found something for my Santa request list, you guys.

And you know what? I'm not fussy. If I can't get exactly this one, I'll settle for something similar.

So, what do you think?

Could you see yourself on one of those? I know I can. I'm totally smitten. Imagine a stylish holiday like that? Swanning out back at the bbq. Ooh, yes please!

And if being good is all it would take to get one of those, Santa, I'd be so very, very good.


1 comment

  1. i couldn't get past 2 mins. It made my eyes water. This looks infinitely better than my real house at the moment. If I had one of those I could just leave the builders and go and live on it! Already outgrown your boat, have you? But yours has a hunky swanepoel on board! Keep it. Keep dreaming.


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