Back In the Day

At school this term, Luke's Programme of Inquiry looked at how 'Life is Changing', in a unit called 'Then and Now'. Change is the driving concept for this inquiry and they've been learning all about how life has changed since 'way back when'. It's been such a lovely unit and Luke has really enjoyed it.

Earth Hour just happened to fall during this time (although, knowing our amazing school, they would have organized that this unit took place to coincide with this event) and part of their homework one week, was to have an evening at home without electricity! You know, to show the children how people lived without the luxury of electricity. Of course, this didn't work out very well at our house because my other two children need to do their homework on computers. With the lights on. And no, we don't want sandwiches for supper, mom. I guess times really have changed.

Continuing with their inquiry, Luke and the other Year 2s visited Howick Historical Village, a living history museum where kids can experience firsthand what life was like long ago. They did the village laundry - 1850's style, visited an authentic Victorian classroom for a lesson typical of that time and enjoyed many other fun educational activities available in the village. You can check it all out over here

As part of 'feeling' and 'living' this experience further, they were required to dress up for the outing, in clothes from that era. Here's what Luke looked like on the day:

He would not smile for me because he said that the children from that time did not smile when their photos were taken! "I learnt that, Mom!" This was one of the things the children observed when looking at photos from that time.

I would have put my hand up to be a parent helper on the day, but I read that the parents had to dress up as well! And I do not enjoy rocking the 1820s look so much. Nah-ah. Thank you very much. 

So anyway, that afternoon, I watched as their bus pulled into the school car park - and from the moment he got off that bus, he did not stop talking about all his experiences in the village. Although tired, he was buzzing about all they'd learnt. It's so wonderful that an outing like this can spark such excitement to learn about times long gone. 

The term, and the inquiry, is almost at an end now, and to finish off a great unit, the Year 2s are having an old fashioned picnic lunch which aims to look at how school lunches have changed over time.

The challenge for us parents will be to send a picnic lunch to school which does not include any pre-packaged foods or ready-made snacks. We also have to find an alternative to the plastic lunch box. So I'm looking at sending fruit and some kind of home-made, healthy food, wrapped in a tea towel (dishcloth)!

Boy, oh boy, the things we do for our kids! But I guess it's all in the name of education, so I can't complain.

Okay, well maybe just a little. Meh.


Wow, can you believe that it's April 1st already? Time sure flies when you're having fun. 

Are you doing anything exciting in April? We've got some great things happening this month. School holidays, a trip, and of course there's Easter to look forward to as well. Fun, fun, fun.

Wishing you all a safe and happy April.



  1. I could eat him up!! Such a cute boy in such authentic clothes. I love the bit about not smiling for the photo. Now get on with the baking for the picnic. :)

  2. That is such a cute photo of him, print it out in b/w and have it framed. Yes, listen to your mom and do the baking, I notice she isn't offering this time!


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