Happy April Fool's Day!

So, have you ever been caught out on April Fool's Day?

Come on. Have you?

'Cos I have.

It was back when I was still working. In an office. Doing serious worky stuff. Before kids.

Anyway, I'd been out for lunch and when I got back to my desk, there was a message for me to phone Mr Lyon. And there was a number.

Not thinking anything was amiss, I sat down and rang the number. The person at the other end of the line said: "Johannesburg Zoo, can I help you?" Now any sensible person would have quickly put the phone down at that point. But not me. No. I went on to ask for Mr Lyon a second time. I know! Duh! And only then did I realize what was going on.

Now I probably shouldn't readily admit this out here in cyberspace, but you know what? That was SUCH a great April Fool's joke that straight after I got over my acute embarrassment, I laughed like a drain and went over to where I heard similar raucous laughter emanating from - a colleague in the next office!

Damn. That was good.

So, come on. Have you ever been tricked? Or have you ever tricked someone? I'd love to hear your story.


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