My Weekly 5

Kicking off My Weekly 5 this week with my first find:

Is this not the. most. beautiful. bath. you have ever seen? I'm truly gobsmacked at how amazing it is. The lines. The curves. The simplicity. I can almost feel how comfortable it would be to relax in. Aah.

via emmas designblogg.

OMW! And then I found this! This is such an amazing photoblog done by two women - one lives in London and the other in Paris - they take a photo of the same concept and post it on this shared blog. Simple yet amazingly effective. Go and check it out. I soooooo want to do this with someone. Who is up for the challenge? Anyone?

Photo via London vs Paris blog.

And here's a great idea for place mats. I'm always struggling with the whole place mat thing. They so easily get yucky and grubby - and most of the one's in stores are difficult to clean when there's food stuck in them. Argh! But with these chalkboard place mats, you can write little messages to your kids, or even smarten them up for an adult dinner party... and then wipe them clean.

Photos found on The Pioneer Woman website. Chalkboard placemats from b. a. friend.

I ♡ this photo! Just 'cos it gets you singing that song... ♫ Do you know the one?

And here's a bit of colour for you! I came across this picture of brightly painted houses in Bo Kaap, Cape Town and had to post it here. Don't they look cheerful?

via huffington post.

And that's it for this week. 

Hope you're all having a good time out there. Not long until the weekend...



  1. I want those placemats, where can I get them? Imagine the fun you could have playing games at a dinner party? Those Bo-Kaap houses are amazing! Cape Town is such a colourful place.

  2. I would sooo live in that pink house :D They are fabulous!

  3. Me too! :) That neon lime one could be a bit hectic on a very sunny day, though. You'd need sunglasses indoors. :D

  4. The placemats are BRILLIANT - let me know if you find them somewhere.... and the houses are so happy - I just love, love, love - will have to take a drive to see them in real life. About to embark on re-doing our kids bathroom - bath would look awesome in there! I'll take pics with you - for sure!


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