My Weekly 5

'My Weekly 5' takes on an Easter theme this week because that's what we've been thinking about around here lately. I hope you enjoy all the goodies!

1. Kicking off with this gorgeous looking Kit Kat cake from made in Melissa's kitchen. Imagine how beautiful this would look on your table for Easter! You might even want to substitute the M&M's for little Easter eggs... Or you might not...

Visit Melissa's website to find out exactly how to make this gorgeousness.

Source: via Bianca on Pinterest

2. Aaawwwww! How cute are these bunnies? And quite easy to make too. If you're that way inclined. And if you're not, then I'm sure the kids would love to 'have a go'. That way you can keep them busy while you're organizing other Easter treats (or hiding those eggs) and they'll also feel part of the celebration preparation. Win win.

images via the ikea blog, Livet Hemma.

3. And while we're on the subject of bunnies... I thought I'd include this little fella. Whaaaaat? He's cute.

via desire to inspire.

4. Now I know you probably don't care what I'll be wearing this weekend, but I thought I'd show you anyway - ta-da!

Tell me you're not jealous!

(Okay, I know I'm looking very tired in this photo. But have pity on me! I've got three demanding slave drivers who keep me very busy. All day, every day. I don't even get lunch breaks.)

5. And lastly, a quick little napkin trick. Because at this time of the year, everyone should attempt to fold some napkins into bunny ears. It's almost obligatory. Sort of.

Anyway, here's how. With love from Martha Stewart. You're welcome.


And that's it for My Weekly 5 this week. Hope you're all getting into the Easter spirit of things where you are. 

Wishing you all a very happy Easter! And a fun weekend. I hope you get a BIG Lindt bunny to devour all by yourself.

Oh, and if you're driving anywhere for the weekend, be especially careful.



  1. OMG look at that kitkat cake....*drool* I think even i could attempt the napkin bunny! Wonderful!

  2. The t-shirt says it all! :) Lots of great ideas!

  3. Love your T shirt. Have a great Easter weekend!!!!

  4. Thanks for all the comments. :) Can't wait to wear my t-shirt this weekend. :)


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