My Weekly 5

So anyway, I tried to do a scheduled posting of this My Weekly 5 post last week, but it didn't work. I still don't know why. I thought I was being so clever; and it looked like I'd pressed all the right buttons, but no. Nada. Oh well. Here it is now. *smile* Hope you enjoy these:

1. I came across this amazing photo (taken in Montreal), on the tumblr blog: words pictures music. And then I visited the photographer's website to see more of her work. And wow. This portrait photographer, Jackie Rueda, has a great website, some groovy background music playing and she shoots some beautiful portraits. Go and have a look at her work. You won't be disappointed.

image via words pictures music.

2. And don't you think these are super cute biscuits for a 2 year old's farm-themed birthday party? Age appropriate and such a lovely party idea for the munchkins.

via lulu blue.

3. Ever since seeing these blue beauties, I've coveted them big time. I can just see them on the shelf unit in my lounge. Loveeee. Wanteeee.

4. You know how some people decorate their gardens with gnomes? Well, I'm not usually a fan, but then I saw these little guys from plust. I wouldn't mind them living in my garden. Whatcha think? Cute, hey?

5. And I really like this little snippet from Jay-Z's website, Life and Times.


  1. the gnomes can stay, the shiny blue monsters have GOT TO GO! you asked!

  2. lol!! "whatcha think?" opened you up to all kinds of abuse but then you may get the last laugh as your mates read my comment and think I am a complete designer/interior loser!

  3. That "whatcha think?" was for the gnomes, doll. :) And no way! Everyone has their own taste and style and that's okay. :) Hahahahaha! BTW, if you ever see those blue beauties in Perth, let me know! Hahahaha!


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