Our Little Striker

A couple of weekends ago, Luke played his first football match.

Last year was all about learning the basic football skills and playing a few round robin tournaments with his classmates, but this year it's the real deal. Matches against other schools and clubs! Exciting stuff. And let's face it, it's so damn cute when both teams descend upon and crowd the ball, and then follow it around the field, often air-kicking, often standing still. I'm savouring every cute moment because I know just how quickly it all changes.

Case in point: After his match with his team that day, he was asked to play for a team a year older than him because they were short a player - so off he went, very happily. And did another session of running around the pitch. Keen bean! He even scored a goal for the older team! *my little hero* Anyway, it was interesting to notice how the kids had improved after having played for a year - they were much better at spreading themselves out around the field and passing the ball to each other. Definitely something to look forward to. But I still think I want to enjoy the cuteness of Luke's team while I can. 

So that's how we'll be spending our Saturday mornings for the coming months - on the side of muddy football fields - with wellies, flasks of coffee, scarves, jackets, hats and maybe even some gloves. 


  1. This takes me back many years ago ~ taking my boys to football matches! Enjoy! :)

  2. So cute! Love that little guy!!!

  3. what a player! Great stuff - go LUKE!!


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