What I Did This Week

Whaaaaat, you ask? But the week's only just begun! Duh! 

Well, the thing is, I'm starting a new weekly segment called 'What I Did This Week' which I'll post every Friday, but because this idea only dawned on me yesterday, it meant that by then this list was too late for last week.



Oh well. I thought I'd post it anyway. So here goes: a few things that I got up to this last week:

1. I painted my daughter's nails........ green. I'm not kidding. Here's the evidence:

Green nails

2. I stubbed my baby toe on the tv room ottoman and I thought I'd definitely broken it and was most certainly going to lose the nail. Eeewwww. Turns out I'm a drama queen.

3. I went into the city to apply for visas for the kids. Did I tell you that we're going on a trip?

4. I cooked this vegetable lasagna from a recipe that I found on a great blog called The Pioneer Woman. And it was yum. I did substitute some of the vegetables, but that's the beauty of this recipe.

5. I finished this book in two days. Easy reading. No great shakes. Sometimes one just needs something like this.

6. I had a day when I thought the whole world was against me. In the end it was only really a small village. And then it wasn't. Don't you just hate days like that?

7. I went out for dinner with my husband and a few friends on Friday night. We went to a place called Andiamo, in Herne Bay. I ate far too much. Great food. Lovely evening.

Grant at Auckland Andiamo

And that's the kind of thing you're in for every Friday, sweetie darlings. A little listy thingy. With some things on it. You know. Things. Stuff.


Oh, and I also just wanted to say thanks for popping over and reading my blog, you guys. I love sharing bits of my life with you. I know everyone's lives are busy, time is not always plentiful and there are so many other blogs out there, so I truly appreciate that you make the time to come over and visit.

Have a good week! *smile*


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