Today is a momentous day. My first born became a teenager!

Yes, it's true. I'm now a member of that club. The 'mom of a teenager' club. And I'm so looking forward to my first newsletter. I hope it's filled with lots of handy tips and helpful hints.

And that it includes a coupon for a free bottle of wine!

Anyway, after enjoying a happy morning of watching Jess open her presents and read her cards, I dropped the kids at school and spent the rest of the day at my mother's house, looking at old photographs and drinking tea while she baked treats for Jessica's birthday. (I think I got the better deal there, don't you?) 

Okay, okay, before you all think I'm incredibly lazy, I was on icing and decoration duty!

And I did make the tea.

But seriously, I so enjoyed looking at all those baby photos of the kids. And Jessica was my first born little munchkin. Aw. Can't believe it's been 13 years since the day she came into our lives.


Do you remember the Kit Kat cake that I featured on my blog a little while ago? 
Here it is. Anyway, I decided to make my version of this cake for Jessica's birthday this year.

We chose to make a chocolate cake (thanks for doing the baking, mom) with caramel in between two layers and chocolate icing over it. I then arranged the Kit Kat fingers around the cake and sprinkled the sweets on top. Jess arranged the fun candles.

And that's it. So easy.


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