I'm B-A-A-A-C-K!

We're back from Melbourne and I've a-l-m-o-s-t finished doing all of our laundry. Yes, I'm talking about laundry again. Sorry. But, damn. Going away = heaps of laundry. Mountainous heaps. Yow-zer.

Anyway, we all had a great ol' time over there. The weather was amazingly warm and sunny so we were extremely lucky. And we got to catch up with my sister and lots of good friends from South Africa. All in all, there was lots of visiting, lots of eating, lots of talking, lots of catching up, and a few glasses of lovely wine too. Damn fine.

Not sure whether I told you, but the reason we all went over to Melbourne was because Sarah was going on a school football tour to a school over there. Nothing like jumping on the bandwagon. But it did mean that we would get to watch her games AND visit our friends there. So it was a bit of a no-brainer.

She had an amazing time on tour and coped very well with being away from us for that length of time. I think it helped that we were on the same flights as her and that we saw each other at the games. But she did it. She went on an international tour! She handled her own passport. She experienced being part of a touring team. She spread her wings. She soared. She's growing up so fast, our baby girl! Oh, and their team came second in the tournament which was great. 

I took lots of photos while we were there and I'm going to share them with you over the next few days, but I thought I'd just check in now to say hi. Hope you've all been well.


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