Luna Park

Never too old for the carousel.

Never too old for this ride either!

Aren't these mirrors fun? We had a good few laughs here.

We spent a morning at Luna Park while we were in Melbourne recently. Our timing was wonderful because the Aussie kids had just gone back to school so the place was relatively empty which is always a win when visiting a theme park.

I made the mistake of going on a G-force type ride and had to concentrate really hard for the duration of the time I spent spinning round and round at an uncomfortable angle. I used to love these rides when I was younger, but I must remember not to do that again now that I'm (slightly) older. I just don't cope as well as I used to. 

I'll still happily do a rollercoaster ride, but none of that incessant spinning for the sake of 'fun'. 'Cos it ain't fun. Not at all. Revolting, is more like it.

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