My Weekly 5

During the past week, I've been on the hunt for a few new pieces of furniture for our home. (It's taken me so long to make these decisions!) We moved (over a year ago) from a house with lots of built-in units and our TV is still on the coffee table as opposed to a proper TV unit! But now we're looking to purchase a base cabinet for that TV room and also a credenza (server) unit which will live in the passage outside the kitchen. Storage is a beautiful thing, you guys. And you just can't have enough of it!

Anyway, besides going out shopping, I also get so much inspiration and so many great ideas - from the internet. Here are 5 things I'm loving this week:

1. I love the idea of having a blanket hanging over your chair when you get to the table. There's just something so sumptuous about being warm and cozy while enjoying a great meal.

Image via the Ikea blog.

2. I love this kid's cool bedroom. The drums, the bright colours, the cute soft toys.

Image via design* sponge.

3. And look at this clever clock! Very stylish.

Via Doug's Word Clocks.

4. Oh, I also need some coat hooks at the entrance to our home, and I really like the look of these ones. These are especially great if you don't have much space because they're right up against the wall. And how cute - they also accommodate both adults and kids.

Image via decor 8.

5. And lastly: I recently bought this cushion (in red) from Freedom, a furniture store here in NZ. Just 'cos I love me a bit of quirky. Look at that face!

Pug Cushion 45x45cm  Blue
Cushion from Freedom.

Hope you're all having a good week out there. Are you out there? 'Cos it seems pretty quiet...



  1. I love that table pretty. Love the blanket idea.
    My daughter needs one of those clocks... so cool.


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