So anyway, what with all of my driving around, watching sport and other general 'busy-ness' last week, I haven't told you our wonderfully exciting family news -

My younger sister, Colleen, is getting married! Woo Hoo!


These two special people make such a super-cute couple; and we wish them all the happiness in the world as they enter this incredibly exciting time of their lives. 

I can still remember, albeit rather vaguely, all the excitement and organization that surrounded Grant's and my big day, so I know that Colleen and Sam are going to enjoy every minute of this magical engagement period and their upcoming wedding day.
And as they're now living in Melbourne, but want to get married and have their wedding here in Auckland, mom and I get to share in all that excitement by helping to organize things on this side - which is very exciting! We've already been scouting wedding venues and looking into table decorations; and our mother is proving to be quite the outstanding wedding coordinator! Go, Mother-of-the-Bride!

And here's a little song for the sweet couple:


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  1. So sweet! You're such a star giving me all the support that you do. Congratulations Col and Sam, looking forward to the wedding! xx


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