I Hereby Ban Luke From Doing Anymore Dive Rolls

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from the gymnastics centre where Luke trains twice a week, to say that he'd landed badly after doing a dive roll off a spring board, complained of a sore back and that they'd called an ambulance so that he could be checked out!

*insert fast heartbeat here*

It's standard practice for them to be super vigilant when it comes to any type of serious injury sustained at the gym so he was strapped onto a board and taken off to North Shore Hospital where I met up with him!

After x-rays, further checking and a good few hours, we were finally discharged with the conclusion that he hadn't broken anything, only strained a muscle in his back. I can't tell you how relieved I was. Those phone calls are right up there in the 'most feared' department. I think I aged a good few years in that half an hour between getting the call, and finally seeing him.

Gymnastics injury!

PS I love surprises and excitement just as much as the next person, but seriously? I'll take the mundane and expected when it comes to things like this, any day. I guess, who wouldn't?


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