Luke's party

'Birthday season', as I like to call it, has now officially come to an end around here. And, shoo! It's been busy. Exciting...but hectic. Also? Tiring. 

Just another version of it this time.

Hey! If it works, why not? *wink*

But seriously, do you know what I love about this cake? It's just perfect for kids because after singing "Happy Birthday", they can easily help themselves to the treats on the cake! And kids LOVE picking at the birthday cake, don't they? So why not make it easy and fun to do? And after all the picking, you're left with the 'cake' part and it's easy to slice. Damn, I love this cake! You can tell, can't you? Because it's only the second time I've made it in two weeks! Hee hee.


We had Luke's birthday party on Saturday and I opted out of having it at home again this year because even though I love having our kids' parties at home, hosting birthday parties for active young boys during winter (read: indoors) is something I don't want to experience. So, we hired a party room at BIGUPS, and Luke invited ten boys from school to have some fun with him there. And if sweaty heads and smiley faces are anything to go by, they all had a really great time.

BIGUPS is an indoor inflatable playground which is perfect for a winter birthday party for active boys. They can do gladiator jousting, try the swivel ladder challenge, do battle in the balls, attempt the horizontal bungee or become a human fly. Fun stuff, indeed. (And no, this is not a paid advertisement. Sadly. *weep*)

They also have a boxing ring. And there's nothing like a bit of boxing fun for boys! Not. Eek! Can't say that this was my favourite section of the place.

Below is the velcro wall or human fly, as they call it. You're supposed to run up and launch yourself onto the wall wearing your velcro suit. Definitely easier said than done. I eventually had to pick Luke up and stick him onto the wall! But it's soooo worth a few laughs! 

Then there's the area where you wear a sumo suit and wrestle your friends on the mat! Also good for a few laughs. Actually, I had to leave the play area after taking these photos because my face was aching, I was laughing so much.

These balls were another favourite. I must admit that I would have loved to have gone in one of these babies! Maybe next time. (You know, when I the parents from school aren't there to witness me being a crazy nut.)

Here's me lighting the candles in the party room.

And so ends another birthday for Luke. His second in New Zealand. Sobering thought.


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