Oops, look at that. Saturday already. 

I really wanted to publish a post on Thursday to tell you about my birthday, but guess what? My body had something else in mind for me.

I got a migraine.

Don't know whether any of you get these, but damn! They're no fun.

It knocks me out for the day and I still feel rather awful the next day too.

I guess that I had too much stress (read: Luke's hospital visit), too much excitement (read: my birthday) and too little sleep (read: every night for the last week). All that added up to me enduring flashing lights, limited vision and immense pain.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my mother profusely because she dropped everything and fetched the kids, cooked dinner for them, got Jess ready for netball (no mean feat) and got the other two ready for bed. I seriously don't know what I would have done without her help. 

Thank you, darling Mom! You're a super star and I soooo appreciate everything you do for me. Really. 

Remember that saying: 'It takes a village to raise a child'? Well, it's so true, isn't it? I realize that I can't do it alone. I need others. My children need their extended family.

And not only from a practical point of view.

Other people in our children's lives can offer another perspective, treats in the form of cupcakes, special time, an ear to listen, a depth in their lives. And our children are fortunate enough to have people like this. People who love them. People who care for them and would do anything for them.

For all this I am grateful.


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  1. You are so welcome, I know you'd do the same for me too. You're so right, I would do anything for my grandchildren, and it's always a pleasure!
    Glad you're all better! xxx


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