Feeding the Masses

It seems to me that my kids are always hungry!

Okay, obviously I'm exaggerating when I say always, but honestly, having three kids, who each take turns trawling the fridge and the grocery cupboard, it certainly appears as if someone is always looking for something to eat around here!

Now I know that my kids are growing, and that they do a lot of sport, so they obviously need good nutritious input to keep them going throughout the day. But seriously! This endless chanting of "Mo-omm, why is there never anything nice to eat in our house?" is totally freaking me out!

*Can I hear an "Awwww, you poor woman!" over here?*

'Cos the truth is that they aren't actually even hungry! Or even looking for a good healthy meal or snack. No way.

(I know this because I've already given them that nutritious meal.)

What they're really looking for is that elusive 'yummy' food that I very seldom buy!  You know what I'm talking about - the ice-cream, chips, sweets and chocolates. Given half a chance, they'd live on those! And because I don't often buy those types of treats, I have to put up with the continuous foraging and moaning. And no healthy nut bar, piece of fruit, yoghurt or sandwich is going to cut it for them. Not even close. However hard I try.

So here I am, in this little food predicament. And I know I'm not alone in this.

What I want to know is this: How often do you give in and let your kids have the chips and Coke option?

Once a week? Once every two weeks? Only on the weekends? When you go out to a restaurant? As a treat during the holidays? Never?

And another thing: However much I'd love my kids to be big health nuts who never eat anything bad, how can I expect that from them when I crave chocolate or a Chicken Tendercrisp burger from BK from time to time. And no healthy option will suffice! 



Maybe it's just time for some worm medicine again.


  1. We very rarely replace our healthy breakfast/lunch/dinners for bad treats/takeaways but in between if I want a treat then I'm not mean and let Pete have one as well.

    I remember everyday after school mum would go to the dairy to get milk or bread and she'd let each of us get a little treat, it didn't hurt us and it's just another special thing mum did for us.

    It prob depends on the age as well, Pete's not 4 so his coke is juice and lemonade to him is lemon in water lol.

    When we go to the supermarket he gets his own basket and is allowed to choose a few things, and that's usually it for the week, unless we walk down to the park and get an icecream.

    I don't even want to try and imagine what life would be life without treats, sad!

  2. I know! Life without treats would be very sad!

    Thanks for your comment, Michelle! I love to hear from people. And thanks for reading my blog too. :)


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