Mid-Winter Break: Sea World

Then on the second day, I won the vote and we went off to Sea World which was the park that I was looking forward to the most. And it didn't disappoint.

Not only were the dolphins, seals, penguins and stingrays amazing, but there were some brilliant rides there as well. The jet ski ride is one which I won't forget any time soon. Yowzer! Just wish that I hadn't worn a short skirt that day because it made straddling that jet ski rather embarrassing! Hm.

Love these guys.

After watching the penguins swimming around, we headed off to feed the stingrays. Yes, feed them! I know! Scary stuff, I tell you. Not for the faint-hearted. I even managed to cop a feel of one of the stingray's wings as it passed by. It made my heart race big time. Just sayin'. Shoo.

Howz this chap?

Have you ever felt a stingray's wings? Spongy and slimy. Ew.

I couldn't believe how close we were to the dolphins when we walked into the dolphin show.

This was in the shark tank.

And here's the dude.

Okay, I sincerely apologize to this unsuspecting stingray for the rather undignified shot. 

Day 2: Another fun day out.

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