Our First RWC 2011 Game

I took this photo while walking through the city during the run-up to the RWC. Had to get this shot 'cos those are my two teams right there!

Go, the Springboks! Go the AB's! (Yes, I'm allowed to have two teams!)

My teams
My teams!


On Saturday evening we went to our first Rugby World Cup game - France vs Japan. And even though I knew they probably couldn't beat France, I found myself shouting for Japan! I'm an under-dog kind of gal, I guess.

Japan played sooo well and for a moment there it was quite close, but in the end, France prevailed. But it's got to be said: They were tenacious and it was a great game to watch. 

Here are two photos of my kids at the game, taken with my iPhone. As you can see, Jess wasn't in the mood to be photographed.

The girls


The vibe at the game was amazing - so many people dressed up in support of their chosen team, and it was so festive. There was a South African guy sitting behind us who had dressed up in Japanese gear and he kept us well entertained throughout the game with his humourous chirps! Gotta love the chirpers! 

I love going to rugby games and sitting in the stands absorbing that atmosphere. Getting caught up in the excitement.

Woo Hoo for the World Cup! 


  1. Goodness, isn't it summer there yet?!! Enjoy

  2. We've experienced a really cold spell just recently. Thought Spring had arrived, but I guess not yet. And we've all been really ill with the flu recently which has been nasty! :(


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