Rugby World Cup 2011

While we've been coughing and feeling poorly, rugby fans around New Zealand have been getting into the spirit of things for RWC 2011.

There've been quite a few flash mob videos made, but my favourite is this one.

It was shot down on the Queen Street intersection in Auckland City and it's been very cleverly done in between a traffic light change - when the pedestrians walk across the street. 


And then last night it all started!

We had dinner at home with family and friends and watched the opening ceremony, festivities and game on our big screen. 

Not feeling 100% yet made us reassess our decision to go into the city to celebrate with the thousands of fans over there. That, and the traffic. 

So we enjoyed a good meal, ate some biltong and snuggled up to watch the show. And wow, what a great show!

Class act, New Zealand! Class act!

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  1. Awesome, thanks for sharing!! It's going to be very exciting!!


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