My Weekly 5

It's been busy times around here lately. We've had a visit from some Cape Town friends who now live in Melbourne; we've entertained friends who are out for the RWC, the kids continue to be busy at school;  and Spring fever seems to have hit me hard because I'm making loooong lists of Spring cleaning activities that are going to keep me busy for weeks! 

But despite all the running around, I've still managed to click around on the internet and here are five things that I'm loving this week:

1. Colour makes me happy!

2. These polar bears are CUTE! I wonder whether Grant would mind sharing our bed with one of those. Hm.

3. I love the neatness and order of these shelves.
Source: via Bianca on Pinterest
4. Here's something to make you smile.
5. And seriously. I dig owls. But owls, kissing? My heart is melting over here!


Sometimes it's great being busy. Sometimes, not so much.

Luckily I'm feeling pretty energized at the moment because there's so much to do around here. Weeding, window washing, outside tidying, garage tidying (how the h*ll does the garage get so untidy all the time?) and lots of other chores.

Yada-yada-yada. Okay, I've got to dash - one more laundry check before I hop into bed.


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