Halloween wasn't a very big event for us this year because Luke played his first touch rugby game late that afternoon and Sarah had swimming training in the early evening which meant that we didn't have the luxury of a free evening to go out trick-or-treating and enjoy all the festivities. 

Jess was sorted and went off to a friend's house after school for an early dinner and some Halloween fun around their neighbourhood. But just so that Sarah and Luke didn't totally miss out on all the fun, Grant took them for a quick whirl around our neighbourhood when we all got home. They went out for half an hour with their little loot bags and came home with smiles on their faces, so all was happy in the land of kid. 

To top it all, I didn't take a single photograph that night! Boo, indeed.

But I did get a few photos of Luke when he and Sarah were doing pre-Halloween make-up; and of Sarah before she went off to a Halloween party the weekend before. She won the Best Dressed prize at the party that night and came home with $50!

Serious stuff.

Nah, not really.

There's someone behind me, isn't there?

She did this all by herself - cut the T-shirt, applied the fake
blood, did the make-up, tied the bandages and perfected the
expression. I only helped a bit with the hair.

And just like that, another Halloween is over. Hope you all had fun!

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