The Semis

Note: I know that the Rugby World Cup is now over and we're all pretty much "over it", but I've got a few more photos that I'd like to share. Hope you don't run away screaming...


We loved all the games that we went to watch - the pool games were festive and fun, stress-free and enjoyable; the quarters were slightly more stressful, but just as enjoyable (except for that one game!) and the semis were an absolute blast! Shoo-ee! The tension!

We went to both semis at Eden Park - one was a disappointment and the other was absolutely exhilarating.

Wales vs France.
Huge disappointment...
These were my dinner companions that night. A laugh a minute, no? 

Grant took this photo of me (below) buying donuts at the Wales/France game - and I only found out about it when I downloaded my photos much later!

This photo makes me laugh for three reasons:

1. It looks like this vendor has a sign saying 'nuts'. Let me tell you - I certainly wouldn't look this happy if he'd been selling nuts.

2. I look so happy because I'd been waiting for this donut guy for ages that night. Those donuts were one of the highlights of the RWC games for me.

3. I'd gone to that game with straight hair. It rained on us. Next thing I look like Annie!

Our friend, Adam, a South African who's been living in Melbourne for years, came over to Auckland for the weekend of the semi-finals.

We caught a bus to the games that weekend, and on the night of the Australia vs New Zealand game, he was pretty much the only Wallabies supporter on our bus. Poor guy.

Yowzer, now this was the.most.exciting. game! I was cheering, clapping and stamping my feet with the best of them. Just awesome, dude! Awesome! Dude. Seriously!

Next thing we knew, it was the final. 

We watched that game at home on the big screen and apart from a few "whoops", it was pretty quiet. As we looked at each other in disbelief. And shook our heads. And prayed. Hahaha! Geez. WTH! 1 point! 1 point!

Ah well, a win's a win. And well done to the All Blacks who played a wonderful tournament and were deserving winners. 

And that's the end of my rugby coverage, guys. You made it! Look at you. 

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