Whatcha Doin'?

Life has been hotting up here in more ways than one lately. Summer is definitely in the air (goodbye winter clothes) and the calendar is filling up with fun activities. 

It's been all school beach outings, camps, Christmas shopping and end of year functions. Tonight we're off to the Carol Service at school where Sarah is performing in the Treble Clefs choir. And next week it's prize giving time, class Christmas parties, a pizza party and a Y 6 Disco.

My precious children.

And then we can start packing for our trip to Cape Town! Yes, we're off to SA for three weeks in December. But more on that in another blog post.

Hope you're all enjoying the run-up to the holidays!



  1. What have I been doing? Sitting on the couch with my foot up!!! Thanks so much for all you've done for me during my inactivity for the past 5 weeks inbetween all your many activities!!!! Will miss you so much when you go to Cape Town. Have the best time!! You deserve a holiday. xxxx

  2. Always a pleasure. :) And thanks - we'll miss you guys too! xoxo Hey, I just talked to you on the phone!! :D

  3. Oh yay! I've got some comments! Bwahahahaha!!!!! :D


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