My Weekly 5

This week I thought I'd share my five favourite iPhone apps with you. These are the ones that have become a part of my daily life. It's true.

1. The first one is Instagram, a photo sharing app which I absolutely love at the moment. It's easy to use, and I'm endlessly inspired by all the beautiful photos out there. If you're on Instagram, you can follow me on biancaswanepoel1.

2. Another app that I adore is Diptic which allows one to combine multiple photos and transform them into a new image. Here's the first one that I made:

My precious children.

3. I also downloaded the Pinterest app onto my phone recently - so now I can 'pin on the trot' ('cos every girl has to be able to pin on the trot, of course). Pinterest is a very cool website that allows one to collect (pin) all the gorgeous things that you come across while you're surfing the internet and put them together on your various pinboards. These boards can be used for inspiration for an upcoming wedding, a birthday, a new renovation or even travel ideas - whatever.

4. The fourth app I enjoy is Foursquare - click on this link for Wikipedia's explanation of what Foursquare is all about.

To me, Foursquare is not only about it being a fun social media game, but it's a handy source of invaluable tips and suggestions for good places to visit in my city. For example, there is an Explore section which features recommended and trending locations; there's also a section that lists places that are offering specials; and one can make a 'to do' list of places you come across that you'd like to visit in future.

5. And lastly: I'm highly entertained by some hilarious people I follow on Twitter. But jokes aside, Twitter is a great source of information - both trivial and serious. Your experience depends heavily on the people or organizations you 'follow'.

So, which apps do you use on a daily basis?

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