On Flitting To Sydney

I got back last night from my little weekend away in Sydney;  and after getting the kids off to school this morning, I think I might hop straight back into bed and get a couple more hours of sleep! The time difference, subsequent jet lag and late nights have taken their toll.

Obviously I'm just not used to the jet-set life!

Our trip was planned quite last minute - Grant had meetings scheduled in Sydney for Monday and Tuesday this week, so we thought we'd make a weekend of it and visit with our friends there. I love that kind of spontaneity! And really? What's not to love about a break in routine? Thanks for looking after our kids and Bailey, mom and Geoff!

It was a lovely weekend away, in spite of the fact that it rained most of the time. I got to see lots of friends, take a spin around an Ikea store, celebrate a friend's birthday at a great restaurant, and the rain cleared up for a while on Sunday, allowing us to enjoy an amazing swim in the sea. Ooh, there's nothing quite like a sea swim to make you feel energized and alive, is there?

I love that Auckland is close to Sydney and Melbourne because those short flights mean that we get to see our friends who live there, more often. And it makes us all feel that we're not alone here at the bottom of the world. 

Okay, now I'm off to rest, so that I can make it through the rest of the day! Have a good one.

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