Tragedy Averted

Okay, so yesterday I tried to open iPhoto on my computer and it wouldn't open.

"Not responding." No photos to be seen. Nada. 


And I should tell you: that there is something that is extremely high up on my list of 'Things that could cause heart failure.' I know I'm not the only one. Right? It's right up there with realizing that you've pressed the wrong button and you've just lost your entire address book and telephone numbers a few days before you have to send your 40th birthday invitations out. I kid you not. That happened.

Anyway... normally I would immediately call my husband in a frantic panic, expecting him to instantly fix my problems over the phone. "But w-h-y aren't you an IT specialist??!!" (Sometimes I whine. I'm only human.) However, yesterday I was surprisingly calm, and after calling Apple support and being told that my computer is out of the warranty period (of course it is! it's always like that, isn't it?), I had two options - pay up and get help over the phone, or bumble through the support site and work it out myself. 

I opted for the latter and, to save you from hearing any more of this long, tedious story, I will tell you that - YES! We did indeed manage to save my photos! 

Thank you, darling!

Phew! *Mopping brow hectically over here*

So what's been making your heart race lately?

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