A Quick Question or Two

We're planning a trip to Thailand at the end of the year so I've been doing a bit of research as to where to stay and what to see while we're there. And after looking at a good few websites, I can tell you that I'm beyond excited about the prospect of some sun and swimming at those beautiful beaches!

Have you been to Thailand? If so, where did you stay? And is there any place you'd highly recommend visiting? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. We honeymooned in Thailand - wonderful place! Our favourite beach spot was Rai Leh, accessible only by longboat from Ao Nang - much quieter and more chilled than the more popular islands like Ko Phi Phi, with less drunk 18yo and more couples/families. If you want a city experience, I'd take Chiang Mai over Bangkok any day :)

  2. Ko phi phi is a fantastic island! (the one in your pic) Visited about 15 years ago, but friends have been recently and say it's still just as fabulous! The snorkelling was awesome! The food divine! Loved every minute of it.... actually, thinking of taking the kids there in our summer holidays!
    Lots of love

  3. Thanks for your comments! I also like the sound of Ko phi phi - my sister has just been there and says it's gorgeous too. And I'll look into Rai Leh too. :)


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