Dreaming of Fiji

One of the many perks of living in New Zealand is that Fiji is just under 3 hours away by plane. That's right, you heard me - FIJI! That magical place of dream island holidays! The one from the advertisements! Right there!

Hop on a plane wearing winter clothes, hop off and strip down as the heat hits you. I kid you not. That happened.

Last year, when winter seemed to be stretching on  f-o-r-e-v-e-r  we did just that - got an injection of sun and sand.

Best idea eva!

I spent my days lying under these trees - reading, sipping on a cocktail, enjoying the peace and quiet. And a couple of times a day I'd drag myself off the sun lounger to do some snorkeling in the warm sea a few feet away.

*Okay, there were a few times that there wasn't peace and quiet and I had to sort out some kids' squabbling! Mmmm*

But for the most part it was idyllic...

We sailed...

We snorkeled...

We snorkeled some more...

We stayed on Mana Island at the Mana Island Resort and Spa and had a fantastic time there.

Have you been on a beach/island holiday recently? Or are you planning a trip? If so, where have you been? Where will you go?

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