My Recorder Moment

Just recently, my third child *my baby* arrived home from school with a recorder. And I had a moment.

I joined him in his excitement at the prospect of learning to play this musical instrument, just as I had with both of his sisters before him.* But a part of me was saddened by what this new milestone brought with it. Being my last child, each of his new experiences comes with the realization that these are 'never to be repeated' moments. No more excited kids with their new recorders will grace our home again. And before that precious moment passed, I tossed it around a bit and then tucked it into my heart with a smile.

***Sorry, sometimes 'soppy' just comes right up and bites me in the a*se.***

*Learning to play the recorder seems to be common for school children of this age - this has been our experience in both South Africa and New Zealand.


  1. Beautiful photo! I understand the sentiment, but the Recorder is not my favourite instrument! :)

  2. No, mine neither, tbh! I find myself repeating things like "Why don't you learn to play a proper song?" or "Please don't play your recorder in the car, it's not good for Mom's stress levels!" (Or something to that effect anyway!)

  3. Oh and that's a selfie. He took that photo all by himself - I love going through the photos after the kids have been taking shots with it.


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