Thy Name is Procrastination

Making lists is definitely one of my things. I absolutely adore it.

In fact, I'm so into lists that I've got at least four list-type apps on my iPhone at the moment. I know. Four. I mean what's the point, right? Anyway, the one I favour and have been using with the most regularly recently is Listary.

On that thing I list anything from:

Movies I want to see, Books I Covet, Projects I want to tackle, Birthday gift ideas, Quotes I adore, Everything to pack for a weekend away;  and my most frequented list - the Chore List.

Now for the most part I simply make the list. The end. List making is tiring, you guys. Haven't I done enough already? A little later I get to the part where I start feeling bad about not actually getting around to doing everything on that list. Ugh. Vicious circle.

But this week was different.

Enter my mother. (The one with the whip.) Hello Mom!

She was all "Let's look at that list." "Okay, today we'll do this. Tomorrow we'll do that." "Right, let's get started."

Weeding? Check. Clearing and sorting out the linen cupboard - check. Sweeping the outside areas? Check. Cleaning out that laundry unit? Yep, you guessed it - done.

And here I sit on Friday night, glass of wine in hand, looking back at all that we've achieved this week. And it feels goooooood. Thanks Mom!

So why does it take me so long to get down and do these dreaded chores? Why do I need someone else to push me into action? Do you also find yourself putting off those bigger jobs and have them hanging over your head for weeks before you get them done? What gets you going?

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