On The Go

Hey Look! Our Easter bunnies are still out - mostly because they're incredibly cute, but also because there's been so much going on around here that packing them away is not even featuring on our daily to-do list. 

And did I mention that they're so damn cute? Because they so are!

Grant's parents are visiting from South Africa and we've been catching up and going out like there's no tomorrow. Out for lunch. Going for walks. Spending time on the boat. Entertaining. Eating. 

It's been so action-packed that I've been counting down the days until the kids are on school holidays - only 1 more day to go! - and then we can relax and enjoy lazy mornings and hopefully I can spend less time in the car driving to all the extra-murals. Whoop-whoop - so looking forward to that!

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  1. Enjoy this special time! Luke is sooooo pleased with those bunny ears! Love that little boy!


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