Hanging On For Dear Life

If you've come here thinking that this post is about some kind of breakdown, you're only half right.

The truth is I simply wanted to show you this gorgeous specimen. Behold. A tree. In the act of clinging.

The East Coast Bays on the North Shore have some very high cliffs along parts of it's coastline - in fact we have our very own version of the White Cliffs of Dover happening over here. Sort of. Okay it's more like the Brown cliffs, but still. 

Anyway, this poor tree lives on the cliff down at our local beach. Rather beautiful in an eerie-looking way, isn't it? But don't be tempted to step right up to this beauty because it's not a good idea to walk too close to these cliffs - rocks have been known to fall down from there quite often.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. What an amazing sight! Good photography!

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